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Aug. 6th, 2011 @ 01:22 am Wow, guess I still have this.
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Been an eternity since I used this. Guess it still works.

I really need to update these avatar pics. Except this one. The kitty still works.

OK, maybe not need. Would be desirable? Perhaps.

Disappearing again. For how long, who knows? Hold your breath, don't hold your breath, either way.
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Nov. 7th, 2007 @ 05:58 am Still alive
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Hmm... haven't thought about this thing in awhile.

Let's see here...

Command and Conquer 3: Since my glowing review... it's been downgraded to "expensive paperweight". Found too many bugs later on, later NOD mission pissed me off severely (never mentioned you had to KEEP a structure after capturing it), and online play and support... Let's just say I'm not buying the expansion. Or any other EA game for that matter. Starcraft II is finally coming out though, so hoping that goes.

FFXI: still playing. Despite my employment problems haven't really done much with it. Hit Dark Knight lvl 75 before they improved 2-handed weapons, so I felt really accomplished (at the time it was one of the harder jobs to take to 75 as a first job).

Jobwise: Quit the last one a few months back. Starting yet another one next week. Supposedly only a seasonal one with what looks to be a lot of mandetory overtime. My gold's gym membership will have to take a backseat on workdays as after a 10-hour shift I will not feel like doing much, especially after warehouse stuff. At least I'm finally getting a first-shift job.

Tech job search: after several months of looking, said to hell with it. If I get a tech job at this point I'll be amazed. Should've majored in comm media methinks. Not quite giving up yet though.

speaking of comm media (one of my two minors), see the screenwriter's union is striking. Another goal of mine on hold. I'll get there. Studios, come on, give the writers the proper residuals for internet/new media stuff. A little more from DVD residuals would be nice too. Especially since I'm thinking of breaking into that field myself.
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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Mar. 31st, 2007 @ 06:53 pm If you're into real-time-strategy games...
Current Mood: productiveproductive
Get Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. So far I'm not dissapointed (far from it). Kane's in it again (and he doesn't disappoint, only starting Act II on the NOD campaign right now, already finished GDI Campaign (I think)), and also Star Wars fans should take note of Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) being in some of the cutscenes. And I thought Tom Cruise in MI3 (and on Oprah) could get empassionate, heh. Williams does a good job I feel.

As for the Superweapons... they don't dissapoint either. Ion Cannon looks sweet, the Rift Generator is evil beyond words, and NOD's nuclear missile... well, it's a nuke whadya expect? words of wisdom learned: Be careful where you fire an Ion Cannon (obviously don't do it inside your base).

My only complaint is the one bonus objective for the one GDI mission wouldn't trigger for me... not sure if there's a VERY specific way I have to do it or what... might be a bug.

Well, time to get further in the NOD campaign.

btw, the Scrin (the 3rd, alien faction) can get evil (they have the Rift Generator), their one air unit (name escapes me) seems to have obscene firing range, well outside anti-air defense range. Have yet to play multiplayer. ...now that I think of it, reminds me of the Zerg Guardians from Starcraft...
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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Mar. 22nd, 2007 @ 01:31 am Why must history repeat...?
Current Mood: infuriatedApocalyptic... again
Actually written yesterday: so regard all "today's" as "yesterday's" (grammar?)
I'll put it this way:

Roadway, which ended in September: got yelled at for break periods (they gave 10 minutes, I felt it wasn't long enough, took 15 (which is pretty standard)). Even made rate those days Productivity-wise. After that didn't give a shit (productivity slides drastically). They can me a week later, (went from Verbal to Get-the-****-out-of-here, no write-up).

HD Supply, which is still going: Got yelled at for attendence (2 absences is a verbal apparently), and sounds like I'll be yelled at for break periods individually soon (they did the collective-bitch-out today).

So: I'm expected to stay AT my station until bell rings. It takes me FOUR MINUTES to even get to the closest break area (they stuck me back in bum-fuck-egypt steel section). I'm then told I'm expected to be back AT my station WHEN the next bell rings. Another FOUR MINUTE walk.

So... I do the math: My effective break: 8 minutes. Out of the supposed-to-get 15 minutes.

Also, one team leader suggests I don't *have* to clock in 30 minutes after I punch out for lunch but could do it sooner (I call bullshit: federal regulations).

As of today: stopped giving a shit. Productivity slide has hit (and I haven't once hit rate without overtime since a month after hitting full-time). Oh yeah. I've been yelled (ok, talked to is more accurate) at twice for production. That's another story.

This job ain't lasting much longer. How do I get so lucky that I find crap places like this to work?

Wal-mart's breaks made more sense (and somehow I avoided the worst of the horror stories, the "work off clock" stories to my knowledge didn't happen at Carlisle, PA at all).

Pray I get something better soon. Or at least, find something to go to and bridge the gap between this one and whatever I find.

(Now if I could get a job that actually USES my damned college degree...)


By the way, have a stress test tomorrow. Let's see if my heart's actually still ok.
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Nov. 19th, 2006 @ 08:21 am Somehow this is appropriate...

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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Oct. 10th, 2006 @ 12:44 am Can't believe it's been a month...
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Ok, update time:

The three jobs I applied to: Fell through. Go figure, just like Indiana, PA all over again.

A friend did point me to a temp agency that needed immediate people. Wound up doing a week of UNPAID stand-up pallet jack training... which I didn't use.

Currently they have me working at Crown Bolt down the road from me... which promptly after I get there I find out had the acquisition by Home Depot completed. What the hell is it with joining companies and promptly having changed leadership?

At least I'm getting my minimum I need pay-wise to meet expenses. More so actually, cause it seems there's LOTs of mandetory Saturday overtime >< ... greeaaaatt.... less time to do stuff. But it's money... but I have stuff to catch up on...

Vicious Cycle.

Deleted more numbers out of my phone. Found out one of them has been out of date for awhile (no wonder I didn't get a reply to a text a few months ago). Will try texting the guy later on and see if I get a response (and see if it's worth keeping this number).

The number of people I regularly deal with in this area friendwise... not counting my dad (special case, I consider this a hybrid relationship (friend/parent))... is TWO.

Found out more about why I didn't get the job with the one friend. Figures. I don't even remember saying the one comment. So screw it. I wasn't meant for there anyways.

Also turns out Choadway has more repercussions than I would've thought. No wonder Border's turned me down too, but I have no direct proof.

I'll just say I was self-employed for the last 3 years. Technically, I was (it's still active, but doesn't make me anything). I'm not letting those assholes stick me with shit for the rest of my working days. Quote from Final Fantasy X-2: "Erase the past... expunge it..."

...speaking of self-employment... (I'd need to figure out how to get this to work well...)

Ok, stomach's growling. Time to forage.
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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Sep. 12th, 2006 @ 11:45 pm My Torch Is In Hand, and the Bridges Are BURNING!
Current Location: Hell (3rd Circle)
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
WELL.... looks like I'M the one who got the "two-day" notice. As in, they told me "you're quitting two-day". (if you don't get that, read it aloud).

Anyways. Yeah, knew shit was gonna go down when I saw my one supervisor standing outside the building as I was coming in. Clock in. Called to small conference room (saw district manager and main manager roaming around), not to mention as I sat down guy next to me mentioned "there's a security guy at the desk today, wonder what's up?".

Amazing, I wasn't violent or angry or anything, and they felt the need to escort me out with... um... lessee... main manager, district manager, security guy, supervisor, customer care supervisor (who I've NEVER worked under)... at least 5 people. Wow. What did they think I was gonna do, go apeshit on their mainframe? They kept it civil, I did likewise.

After the meltdown that was this weekend, it's no surprise that things would continue on this path. I feel freer now.

Oh, about this weekend:

Basically, a friend of mine was pretty much just picking and picking and picking at the party we went to, and with alcohol in all our systems when we went to the nearest diner to my house... it came very nearly to blows. And I'm not the angry drunk of the group. (Most people will tell you I'm far from it. No, I did not drive my car AT ALL that day or night so quit worrying). Guy managed to get some potatoes on me, and I apparently banged the table, about to go ape-shit. And he apparently had his drink too close to the edge, and ... yeah, I remember it looked like he pissed himself. (kinda funny in retrospect, but at the time...)

Anyways. I'm told there was an apology expected, I refused to (accounts say I said "I don't fucking care anymore", and dammit I didn't. I was tired of the shit.) He wanted to take it outside at that point, and let's think about this a second: Me, with no combat experience in any way, vs. a big strong guy with pressure-point martial arts training, almost a black-belt in that (I forget the name of the discipline), as well as partial training as a police officer (iirc), plus me blitzed off my ass and having just ate. Not a good match-up at all. But it didn't come to that.

I'M the one kicked out of the diner. Fuck that place anyways, the service has been shit lately by the one waitress, the older one's been a bitch more lately (close-minded to a fault if you ask me, but this goes to subjects I am not at liberty to discuss), and frankly the cooks' service has been shitty lately too (last to-go order I got, seemed I only got half the meat for my chef salad.) Not to mention the next morning I got food poisoning (or it seemed that way) from the chicken wrap I had. Which I should've known better than to get seeing as to how A: my weight goes to shit when I eat those and B: there have been past badness with the wraps (one time I was warned not to get a wrap because another friend had done so and the cook cut his hand, yeah, bloody wraps are not appetizing).

When you factor in all the various local drama that centers around that place (known to me and otherwise), as well as my constant boredom there, not to mention me being the butt of many jokes there even (or especially) when I tell people to knock it the fuck off, that place was no good for me, I've wasted enough of my life there, and I pray it goes under for the good of the community (there have been rumors of drug activity concerning the place too, but I have no proof, so far it seems to just be a rumor. Why bring it up? Because I need to get shit off my chest. Not to mention a couple cooks have either worked drunk or high. (And consequently one night was fucking up orders left and right. But that's another story.))

Wait, good of the community... No. I'm not getting into a rant about the hell that is Carlisle. All I know is, when the day comes, I'm leaving this town (again) and NEVER LOOKING BACK. That won't happen until after dad departs this world, and I'm not sure how much time he has left. Grandma doens't have much time herself.

I hope everyone that I texted on "meltdown eve" got my followup. Didn't even realize how many people got that text. I hate to see my cell phone bill for this month.

Back to that night, how'd I get home? Part of the way, (a small part mind you): I WALKED. And my house is about 4 or 5 miles from there at most. Ironic I would be intercepted and picked up by my best friend at the edge of the cemetary.

I've also started deleting numbers from my cell. Numbers I'll never use or never want to see used ever again.

All of these events have a few side effects: There's places I will not go to (to avoid certain people or because I'd have more potential headaches (re: possible cops, not sure) to deal with that I'd rather not.) Suits me fine, I need to save money.

Speaking of money, already had an interview lined up for thursday, with more on the way. Most are lower-paying than I was making, one is not. (Obviously I'm hoping for the higher one, I might actually, I don't know... USE my fricking Comp Sci degree?!!)

As the subject states... The Torch is in hand, and the Bridges are BURNING... and I feel much less stress than ever.

I feel like watching Office Space. Too bad I don't have it.
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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Sep. 8th, 2006 @ 07:57 am Ready... Aim...
Current Location: Hell (3rd circle)
Current Mood: infuriatedAbout to hurt people. Badly.
Current Music: "1812 Overture" playing in my head...
I have a feeling all hell is about to break loose workwise: One of two things are going to happen: I am either going to tell my job to go to hell, or it's going to tell me the same.

And I don't give a shit anymore. The job sucks. The hours suck. Most of the people don't talk to me and I don't talk to them. The pay... ok, that's about the only good part there, but the stress is NOT worth the pay I receive. ....Or is that the other way around. Whatever...

A few weeks ago, was told there was a chance of me getting my full-time status back, just had to get production up.

A few days ago, I get called into the conference room. I actually hit quota a few times in that period, and damn close other times.

Instead of full time, I get a verbal warning. Too much time taken on breaks and other unproductive time. They went out of their way to tell me I wasn't the only one nailed for this for some reason. (I have since talked with a couple coworkers and they're beyond giving a shit at this point too.) I'm sorry, but 2 10-minute breaks is NOT long enough. Should be 15. Unfortunately, I could not find anything on the Department of Labor site that said a paid break had to be at least 15 minutes long (in fact, it seemed to imply they didn't have to give any breaks... which doesn't make sense. Maybe I read it wrong.)

The day after, I called off. Told them in the voice mail "dad's having a partuclarly bad 'one of those moments' today." ...which somehow manifested. So I wasn't completely full of shit.

Yesterday, went back to work. No one said anything. Thought the office manager just glared in my direction, but didn't have my glasses on (only use them for driving). Fuck him. He's getting too anal and uptight as it is.

I'm obviously in no way getting full-time back now.

One supervisor (the more uptight one) is on vacation for 2 weeks now. If plans hold, he'll come back and see I no longer work there, one way or another.

Other supervisor I'm not about to rage into, he hardly said anything at the meeting. I don't even remember what he said, other than noticing a trend. He's got enough shit going on with his father, and I'm not about to rip into him. He doesn't need it, and he's not one of the people I'm pissed at.

Ever since the incident, my production has plummeted. And it will continue to do so. Let them bitch. Let them moan. Let them fire me. I. No. Longer. Care. In fact, may be the best thing to ever happen to me. The stress at this job has been killing me, and many a day I wondered if my heart was gonna explode. I have felt something happening there. No I haven't seen a doctor, and I won't. I would rather DIE then be forced on meds for the rest of my life.

Besides, I have a couple things lined up in the works. At least one of them is guaranteed to work. I'm done with choadway er Roadway.

How can I respect a company that will lay someone off after not only 34 and a half years of service, but 34 and a half years of accident-free service? For god's sake, let'em have that last 6 months! I came back after 6 months and had to start over. Understandable (if I had returned before August last year, would've "gotten my stuff back"... HOWEVER...). Also, cannot respect a company that rehires a full-timer back a month, month and a half after they leave and strip them of all their status and hours and pay (and they had more time and higher productivity than me by a couple years and a large margin respectively, too.) This leads me to believe that had I come back after a couple months, I'd have been starting all over again too.

I never should have come back there. I should've found something new. At least it would've been different, and I might be in better shape now too.

So, yeah. Fuck Roadway at this point. They fire me, they fire me. They write me up, it's getting ripped up and thrown back at them (which will either lead to firing or quitting).

And my body feels better now that I've stopped giving a shit about that job.

Funny... for not giving a shit, I'm sure talking a lot. But I need to vent. So... :p

Ok, need to hibernate. Can only run on Red Bull so long before I go into a coma.
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Jul. 12th, 2006 @ 06:49 am Things you have to wonder about...
Current Mood: confusedWTF?
Tags: ,
India... suffers a bombing in their financial district... on 7/11.

What are these people trying to tell us?

Not to make fun of what happened, my heart goes out to the victims and may whatever higher power make haste in dispensing justice to those behind this (alive or not).

The irony is... kinda sickening. Terrorist assholes...

We now return you to the land of make-believe where stereotypes don't exist. Remember, sometimes it doesn't matter what you believe, it matters what someone else believes.
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FFXI Character (Vaius)
Jul. 9th, 2006 @ 06:13 am (no subject)
You scored as Otherkin. You are Otherkin. You identify with otherworldy beings and feel you are truly something other than human. You are only biding your time here until you can return to where you truly belong. You seek others who share your yearnings and spend your time commiserating with those you like and mocking the ones you don't.




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